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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Use case #1:
Simple analysis for pitchforkmedia.com.

Use Case:
Find New Music Reviews

There are two main ways that Shan can discover new music on Pitchfork. The first is to read the daily record reviews, recent features, and best new music sections of the homepage. The second would require a specific album in mind, and can be found through using the search feature on the homepage.

Shan has come to Pitchfork to read about new music, and is greeted on the homepage with links to new releases reviewed, feature articles on up and coming independent artists, and music news.

Shan is an absolute music lover, particularly the lesser-known, independent stuff.

Basic Course of Events:
1. Shan comes to the Pitchfork home page.
2. Shan’s main interest is in new music reviews and RIYL’s. Shan browses the front page of the record reviews, and not seeing anything that catches her eye, she clicks the “Section” link that goes directly to the Record Reviews page.
3. Once at this page, Shan continues to browse the reviews.
4. Upon finding one that interests her, she downloads the CD directly from Emusic via a link on the section.

Alternative Paths:
1. Shan knows the specific CD that she’s looking for information on.
2. Shan clicks the record reviews section from the front page.
3. Shan searches by the album name because she doesn’t know the artist.
4. Liking what she sees, she orders the CD from Emusic.

Shan gets her CD immediately and just smiles while she listens to it.

Suggestions for better interaction:
It would be great to have some way to preview the music directly on Pitchfork without having to leave the site.

Use Case #2:
Simple analysis for interiordesign.net

Use Case:
Find eco-friendly materials for a client

Shan goes to the Interior Design magazine website, clicks the new products tab and browses the eco-friendly materials until she finds some options that she can present to the client.

Shan is an avid reader of Interior Design magazine. She relies on it to keep track of current trends and new products. She uses the website to do research on new items and find specific things that her clients ask for.

A client has expressed a desire to use eco-friendly materials, and would like to know what their options are.

Basic Course of Events:
1. Shan goes to interiordesign.net.
2. From the homepage, she chooses to browse the new products category
3. Within the new products category, she searches through the eco-friendly material options.
4. She finds several options that might be appropriate and compiles a list to present to the client.

Alternative Paths:
1. Shan searches “eco-friendly” right from the homepage.
2. Shan browses the results of the eco-friendly search and compiles a list of materials to present to the client.

Shan is prepared and her client is informed. Problem solved.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Damn. I really gotta work on this blog thing. I feel like between work and school and an utter lack of sleep, I should be having all sorts of inspiration coming to me, but alas, my free time has been in severely limited quantities as of late.

So where do I stand right now? I just got out of Hank's Design History class. Me and John (my roommate) were up at 4:30 this morning just to be ready in time (it starts at 5:30, but you just GOTTA eat breakfast and shake off those cobwebs before going to a class like this). It's a great class...the workload is a little overwhelming...it's just like right now, I'm sitting at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up and thinking to myself "How in the hell do I have time for all this?" We're starting our intial design concepts for our chair, which apparently is the centerpiece of our career as designers at PC, and it's gotta involve a deeply personal story. Not necessarily a tragedy, or a trauma, just some story around which we can base the design of a chair. I'm looking forward to this...I've got a feeling by the quarter's end, all of us will know each other better than we ever imagined.

I've become completely immersed in Four Tet as of late. If you guys and gals haven't checked him out, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's by far some of the best music I've found to have on while studying or working. The new M. Ward album's great as well. I've also had Band Of Horses in heavy rotation around the house...and DJ Shadow. And a lot of others I can't even think of right now.

The Built To Spill concert last Friday was amazing. I've wanted to see these guys live since I was like 17, but they NEVER came to South Carolina and I just couldn't seem to get off work when they were playing in Carrboro or Atlanta. It was a solid 2 hour set, and they played everything from "Reasons" to "Made Up Dreams" and even "Else" from the Keep It Like A Secret album. Camper Van Beethoven was good, too, but the BTS was just so far off the meter that you couldn't even compare the two. Needless to say it was the highlight of my weekend, the rest of which was spend resting my somewhat incapacitated leg after spending that night trying my best to keep from dancing and failing miserably.

Some good websites I've seen lately:

IKEA Closet Builder Site

Now, with this one I've gotta start out by saying that I'm a complete sucker for smooth Flash / Video integration. The floor to floor navigation is GREAT, and I can't help but laugh at the first floor guy who keeps getting disappointed with the choices hes got. I almost feel sorry for him. Check it out.

Roth Aniko Portfolio Site

Simple. Clean. Fast. Not to mention some really cool artwork. I love the dangling navigation.

Japanese Preschool Page

Came across this on FWA. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE 3-D navigation? This site puts pictures of the kids up daily so parents can see their favorite little celebrities. A 3-D navigation system with a content management system easy enough to update daily? Amazing.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In this blog, I will be writing about writing for the web. So, it's a blog about writing. Stay tuned.